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Child safety

Child safety

Window blinds are an increasingly popular choice of window dressing. Here at Flair Blinds, we offer an almost limitless variety of designs, styles, finishes and operating methods. 

However, one thing that remains constant throughout all our products and services is our concern with and commitment to child safety.

Whilst window blinds are not inherently unsafe, there have been several instances of injury and even death amongst children. These instances have been due to accidents with window blinds, most often involving their cords and chains. Our greatest sympathy lies with all those who have been impacted by such tragedies. 

Here at Flair Blinds and Shutters Ltd we are very much committed to doing all that we can to ensure that your chosen product is safe for your child or children.

Since February 2014, regulations have been in place outlining that all blinds produced and sold must comply with specific child safety requirements (BS EN 13120).

These European Standards are now law in the UK, requiring that all new blinds are ‘safe by design’ or supplied with the necessary child safety devices. As such, all our blinds meet the European Standard BS EN 13120 in terms of both performance and safety.

The new regulations apply in the following circumstances:

At Flair Blinds and Shutters Ltd , we install all our blinds and shutters in compliance with these regulations. So, you can be confident that risk is minimised in your home and safety for your child is prioritised.