Posted on : 22nd July 2022

Best Window Dressings For 2022

When you’re renovating your house, sometimes it can be difficult to decide what kind of window dressings you’ll have. Would you settle for curtains, or would you prefer blinds for that extra bit of privacy and style?

We’ve got a wide range of window dressings on offer, but how do you know which type is best suited for your room and style? 

Here’s a short guide to explain some of the blinds we have available and where they might work best in your rooms. And if you’re still not convinced, come by our showroom in Sunderland or Chester-le-Street to see them in action.

Venetian Blinds

Man measuring venetian blinds

Our wooden Venetian blinds come in 9 different finishes and truly enhance a room with their stylish appearance. These blinds provide maximum flexibility in how much light is let into a room and can help you optimise your privacy depending on the angle you set the blades to.

These blinds are low maintenance and only need a dusting every so often, or a wipe with a damp cloth. You don’t need to wash them, thankfully, meaning there’s less housework to do in keeping the room tidy.

Roller and Blackout

When summertime rolls in, the blackout blinds roll down to give you that little extra comfort sleeping. Sunrise can be as early as 4am some mornings, and with most of us on a 9am start at work, poor light management can really mess up your sleeping pattern.

Blackout blinds also have the added benefit of keeping the heat in during winter, saving you money on your energy bills!

Vertical and Curved

These versatile blinds have a neat and tidy design to them, and give you excellent control over the light levels in your room without making it pitch black. 

You can still retain a high level of privacy when they’re closed, they’re perfect for conservatories and French doors, and also fit in well with offices and other commercial properties.

Roman Blinds

Beige roman blinds

These excellent blinds add a stylish element to any room and are ideal for allergy sufferers. Compared with other types of blinds, Roman blinds do not gather as much pollen and dust, making them perfect in the summer when hay fever season begins.

We also offer Skylight blinds and Pleated blinds, which can be found in various colours in our Sunderland and Durham showrooms. 

You are always welcome to drop in and see our range for yourself, but if you’ve already decided on those cherry wooden blinds then feel free to give us a call and arrange your fitting!