Posted on : 30th August 2022

Making Safe Blinds

When doing a safety check around your house, you may think that you have safe blinds and that they’re one of the least dangerous parts and that there’s nothing to worry about.

However, while blinds are not inherently dangerous, parts of blinds can cause injury and should be made safe by the manufacturer and seller. To improve the safety of blinds, a number of changes have been made to the production, such as replacing the cord with a turning rod to avoid choking hazards, as well as safety measures and regulations to ensure your blinds remain safe.

Safety clasp attached to cord for blinds

Safety clasp on all cords

There are a number of blinds which come with a cord, such as roller blinds or vertical blinds. These types rely on the cord, so if you’ve already fallen in love with these blinds, we make sure to fit these cords with a safety clasp.

This means that in the event that something is putting weight on the cord, it will come loose immediately and the cord will snap off. If this occurs, you can easily reattach the cord to the safety clasp and the blind will function as normally as before.

Bracket screwed to the wall to keep cord for blinds taut and secured

Cord brackets for all safe blinds

Blind cords, even with a safety clasp, can get tangled and caught. To prevent this from becoming dangerous, we ensure that every set of blinds we install come with a cord bracket to attach to the wall. This cord bracket will allow the cord to be used freely without dangling free and causing a hazard. Keeping the cord taut and against the wall reduces the risk of accidents and keeps it looking clean and tidy.

Hand holding turning rod for venetian blinds

Turning rods are more common

Venetian blinds often come with two sets of cords; one for opening and closing the blinds, and one for opening and closing the slats. While usually unassuming, these cords can become a hazard by wrapping around items and can also be a choking hazard to children.

To combat this, you can have your Venetian blinds installed with turning rods, which replace the cord for turning the slats. As for the cord for opening and closing the blinds, you can easily tie this away from small hands to keep children safe.

Blinds may not seem like a hazard to begin with, but unfortunately, accidents can happen with them. That’s why we’re determined to keep our blinds safe for all to use. At Flair Blinds, we follow European Standards law that requires all blinds to be safe by design or supplied with the necessary child safety devices – this means that you can feel reassured our blinds are safe and easy to use.

You can trust us to supply safe blinds. Get in touch today for a free quote, or pop into one of our showrooms and see what we can offer you.