Posted on : 18th May 2022

The benefits of blackout blinds for restful sleep

Blackout blinds are an excellent choice of window dressing for a whole host of reasons. Today, we’re going to consider just how blackout blinds can benefit you and your family by enabling deeper and more restful sleep.

Window dressings such as blackout blinds can be a lifesaver when we are struggling with the effects of seasonal shifts in light levels, but can be beneficial year round for a variety of people:

  • Light sleepers
  • Those suffering from insomnia 
  • Shift workers who need to catch forty winks through the day
  • Babies and children who need to sleep whilst it’s still light out
  • Those plagued by migraines
  • Individuals living in urban homes affected by heavy light pollution 

Why is sleep so important? 

A great deal of us fail to get the recommended amount of sleep that our bodies so desperately need in order to rest up and recharge. Whilst some of us are hounded by physical barriers such as snoring or chronic pain, others struggle to drift off to the land of nod for psychological reasons, plagued by the likes of stress and anxiety. Perhaps it is even your line of work that prevents you from experiencing a healthy sleeping pattern. 

Unfortunately, when we don’t get a healthy amount of sleep, we become more susceptible to health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. At the very least, a few restless nights can result in dwindling concentration, faltering memory, lethargy and emotional sensitivity, if nothing else. 

When it comes to babies and children, too, sleep is certainly not to be taken lightly. In our youngest years, our brain and body rely on sleep in order to provide the opportunity to grow and develop. Plus, lack of sleep can cause real irritability and terrible mood swings in our little ones. The parents among us will be well familiar with the heart-breaking distress of an exhausted baby or toddler.

woman sleeping in bed

Creating the perfect environment for sleep 

The optimum environment in which to rest needs a combination of three key elements: darkness, quiet and a comfortable temperature. Disturb any one of these factors and sleep can become considerably difficult for even the most stoic among us. 

Luckily, blackout blinds can be a terrific solution for individuals who are struggling to rest or for those of us looking to mitigate the possible effects of irregular sleeping patterns. 

These blinds are designed to create an entirely dark environment for you to fall asleep in, ridding your bedroom of the potential for light pollution or outdoor stimuli to disturb you as you drift off to slumber. This can be particularly important for those of us residing in urban areas, where light pollution from streetlights, shops and traffic can be persistent throughout the night, disturbing our natural circadian rhythms. 

It’s not just light levels that blackout blinds can assist with, either. The thick, insulating material from which these blinds are crafted can be a fantastic help in insulating and omitting noise, too. 

Opt for a blackout blind from our excellent team here at Flair Blinds and you can benefit from the thermal properties of this terrific window covering solution. The sturdy material of the blackout blind efficiently keeps heat out during the height of the summer and, in turn, prevents warmth from escaping during colder months. Plus, the thickness of the material is also pretty nifty at dulling the impact of external noise. 

All in all, the reduced sound and light pollution paired with the insulation of the material is perfectly poised to create the perfect sleeping environment. All that’s left for you to do is simply draw your blind, lay back and switch off. 

Looking to tap into restful sleep with the help of blackout blinds? Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote. We can’t wait to hear from you.